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Automotive Locksmith Services – How They Can Help You

If you’re living in the Southern Highlands or Macarthur region, you know how difficult it is to find an expert locksmith service. Although places like Camden are well outside the zone of calling for locksmith service providers from the city. This is most evident if...

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5 Effective Tips For Choosing The Perfect Auto Locksmith

We’ve all faced those situations when we got locked outside our homes and then we had to find a locksmith to make a duplicate key to the house. The same thing can happen with your car. You can either lose your car keys or get locked outside with the keys inside your...

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How to Get a Car Keys Without Having the Original

One of the most frustrating situations is when you lost or misplace your car key, by which it is impossible to get inside and ride it. And it’s extremely annoying when you use your car very often, especially when you are in a hurry, let it be for the office or your...

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7 Reasons Why Your Car Keys Might Not be Working

Getting duplicate car keys for your faulty ones can be a time consuming and expensive process, especially if you are getting an original one from a manufacturer who can charge anywhere from $200-500 for a spare set. Australia is a vast and expansive country with only...

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Tips on How to Save Money on Car Key Replacement

Car key replacements can be very expensive, especially if you go to car manufacturers who charge upwards of $300 for a duplicate car key. The cost of replacement keys is also determined by the type of key like Transponders, Smart Keys, Switchblades And Laser Cut Keys....

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5 Tips to Choose the Right Locksmith

When finding a locksmith there a number of things to be considered. With the advent of transponder keys and smart keys, traditional locksmiths just don't make the cut and this is where specialized ones come into the picture. KeyBay is a renowned Automatic Locksmith in...

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Know Why Transponder Keys Are Reliable

Losing car keys can be an embarrassing and bewildering experience which entails a lot of unnecessary stress. If you are the adventurous type like me, imagine hiking deep into Morton National Park, instinctively checking the pockets of your cargo shorts and dreading...

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5 Reasons Why Your Car Keys May Not be Working

Everyone has days where nothing is going right. You have to rush to go somewhere and your car keys are just not working. While we recommend that you call a nearby Automotive Locksmith if you find yourself in a situation like this. Getting to know why your car key is...

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Lost car keys? Read What Expert Have To Say

Millions of cars are sold in the world every year but only a small percentage of cars come with spare keys. This means, most cars drivers are riding their vehicles only using one key. When this sole gets lost, people face unnecessary delays and troubles. To avoid this...

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