When finding a locksmith there a number of things to be considered. With the advent of transponder keys and smart keys, traditional locksmiths just don’t make the cut and this is where specialized ones come into the picture. KeyBay is a renowned Automatic Locksmith in Southern Highlands area and we have dedicated our professionals towards providing modern solutions when it comes to car keys of all types like transponders, smart keys etc. We also provide customized solutions, in terms of the number of things you can do with your car keys like opening doors, firing up the ignition, music system control, etc. Today we have come up with a guide that will tell you 5 tips for choosing the right locksmith:

  • Choose your locksmith according to key types:
    When looking for locksmiths, you should take a look at your car keys first. Identify which type of car keys you have like VAT keys, Laser cut keys, transponder keys, or machine grooved keys. Not all locksmiths are qualified to handle all types of keys and it is but obvious that you should look for one which has the requisite experience and tools to handle your situation. If you are not sure about your key type, we at KeyBay would love to help you out with it. Just drop an e-mail or send us a picture of the keys at the phone numbers given on the website.
  • Go local:
    The best way to find about experienced locksmiths in your area is to go local and ask your neighbors, family, and friends. You should get a good idea about the number of locksmiths operating in and around your area and their competence. You will again have to keep your car key type in mind while looking for recommendations so make sure you don’t miss out this important detail.
  • Firm or individual:
    If you pick a firm, rest assured that they will never be busy and attend to your problems immediately, and will always have the requisite tools at disposal for handling tricky problems. Traditional locksmiths who operate on their own, sometimes face the challenges of a busy schedule, lack of specialised tools, etc. At KeyBay, we are a dedicated team of over 50 individuals specialising in all types of keys and their customisations.
  • Specialisation:
    You should also ask your prospective locksmith if he specialises in a certain type of keys like VAT keys, Laser engraved keys, etc. Try to find ones which are suited for your kind.
  • Security checks:
    Before hiring a locksmith you should thoroughly do a background check and ask for proper identification and professional license. Car theft is also finding new ways for grand theft so, make sure you don’t skip this for your own and your car’s security.
    We have told you briefly about 5 tips on finding a locksmith. We hope this blog has been helpful to you. If you have any further questions regarding keys and locksmiths, we at KeyBay would love to hear from you!