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Onsite Service, Gain Entry, Supply, Cut & Program Car Keys. Many makes, many models including new European cars.

Lost car keys? No spare key? No worries.

Losing your car key can be a stressful situation and always seems to happen when you need to be somewhere important! Believe it or not, we know how you feel because we deal with lost keys scenarios on a daily basis.

Get Lost Car Keys in Campbelltown & Southern Highlands

Keybay provides a complete onsite automotive locksmith service. Our team is qualified and up-to-date with the latest training and technology to safely gain entry to your vehicle.

If you have lost car keys at Campbelltown or Southern Highlands. You can now receive a brand new car key, supplied, cut and programmed while you wait. We test and guarantee that the new key is working so you can be sure to lock, unlock and start your vehicle in the same way you did with the original car key.

All customers who use our on site key replacement service will be offered a spare key at a discounted price. To save some money you may want to consider our non remote option as these keys are not only robust and affordable, they are completely waterproof! KeyBay’s spare key is a great alternative to use at the beach, river, camping, swimming or somewhere your car key might be exposed to wet weather elements.

In the unfortunate event that your keys have been stolen, we can reset your vehicle computer so your stolen car key is removed from the car’s computer system to prevent someone else starting your vehicle by using the missing key.

KeyBay can provide solutions for roughly 90% of vehicles on  Australian roads.

For a quick quote, complete the form on this page by providing Make, Model and Year of your vehicle so we can lookup product options and pricing. If the matter is urgent, you can phone our toll-free 1300 KEYBAY phone number.

Vehicle Security

Please be aware that we may request certain vehicle details as a matter of security for proof of ownership. Vehicle registration, insurance and VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) may be requested.

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How to Gain Entry to a Locked Car Without a Key

This is a demonstration video from a qualified Automotive Locksmith to explain the processes and equipment used. It does not show the detailed methods and will not help you break into a car!