Getting duplicate car keys for your faulty ones can be a time consuming and expensive process, especially if you are getting an original one from a manufacturer who can charge anywhere from $200-500 for a spare set. Australia is a vast and expansive country with only a minuscule percentage of the available land inhabited, which can make losing car keys or damaging them an extremely tricky situation to deal with. If you are looking for Car key locksmiths in Southern Highlands, Macarthur or any other area of Australia for that matter, it’s important you read our guide, which will tell you about the reasons why your car keys might not be working:

1. Damaged Keys:
No matter the car key type you are using, including transponder, switchblades, smart keys, or the older laser grooved ones, car keys are susceptible to damage and the first thing you should do is to check your key for any deformity in its physical structure, including bending and chipped off parts.

2. Damaged Locks:
A lot of times, your car door locks might be damaged due to a number of reasons ranging from water induced rusting to excessive force applied when unlocking. Get a locksmith to check the door of your car keys.

3. Damaged Ignition:
The ignition lock of a car can also be damaged due to a number of reasons. The ignition lock might be damaged internally, or might suffer from a loose connection from a wire, which renders your car keys useless. Get your ignition system checked by a qualified mechanic.

4. Unprogrammed Car Keys:
If you are using one of the smart keys or transponder keys, you would know that they have to be programmed to perform in sync with your car systems. A lot of time spare key providers inadvertently miss out on programming transponder keys before handing them over. This could be one such possibility. Another reason might be recent changes in the electrical circuit of your car, like if you got a new sound system installed.

5. Batteries:
Smart and transponder car keys require batteries to operate properly and any malfunction might be the result of them getting weak or being dead altogether. Replace the batteries of your car keys and check if they work.

6. Damaged Circuit:
Transponder keys if handled roughly can also end up being damaged internally, which makes their circuits malfunction and unresponsive. If you have dropped keys from great heights or have banged it against hard surfaces, get it opened and checked thoroughly by an automotive locksmith in Southern Highlands.

7. Faulty Duplicate Keys:
Fault duplicates from shoddy firms and companies can also be the reason for car keys which are not working. Get it replaced by the company and check if it’s still under the warranty period.

We have told you briefly about 7 reasons why your car keys might not be working. We hope this guide has been informative and will prove useful to you. Thanks for reading.