Losing car keys can be an embarrassing and bewildering experience which entails a lot of unnecessary stress. If you are the adventurous type like me, imagine hiking deep into Morton National Park, instinctively checking the pockets of your cargo shorts and dreading the moment why you did not go for Transponder keys, in the southern highlands. Technology has made all aspects of our lives comfortable and it’s not surprising that car keys today have evolved to include a number of safety features and GPS enabled chips, which make them easier than ever to locate. At Keybay, the one question that our customers regularly ask is why should I buy expensive transponder car keys in campbelltown? (or any other city for that matter). Read on if you want to find out why

  • Freedom from spares: A friend who was in the habit of losing his car keys, made 7 spares and spread them amongst all corners of the city, with friends and family. Only to find out later that a drunk cousin, took his brand new vehicle for a joyride only to be impounded by the police! Stuff of nightmares, right? Transponder keys can free you from incessantly fretting over and managing spare keys.
  • Peace of mind: You have just been through a grinding day at work, and there are more ahead, before the holy grail of weekends. In this ultra competitive world, people are working harder than ever and the last thing you need in your life, is a lost car key.
  • Security: Transponder keys are not all about GPS enabled chips that are fit inside them. Transponder keys also have a number of security features which make them difficult to duplicate. We at KeyBay, use high tech machinery employed by our skilled locksmiths in order to make spares and duplicates of transponder keys, so rest assured your car is safe from petty thieves and mischief mongers.
  • An Advantage over VAT and laser cut keys: Transponder keys have subsumed the security features of VAT keys, by incorporating them along with the GPS chip. They are also better than mechanical and laser cut keys due to their intricate grooves, which make them hard to replicate.
  • Tech Integration: Transponder keys can communicate electronically with your Car’s ECU, which gives them diverse uses such as remotely starting the car, opening doors and even fire up your music system! At KeyBay, we offer a high degree of customization when it comes to keys, you can choose your options, as to what to incorporate in your key, from opening the boot, to changing songs, it’s all possible at KeyBay with just a click of a button.
  • GPS: Last but not the least. Especially recommended for the young and carefree! A GPS chip can give you peace of mind like no other, for you to explore the beauty of youth and carry on with your adventures!

We have told you briefly about the Myriad benefits of transponder keys. Quite simply, it’s a no brainer to opt for transponder keys considering the benefits it provides. Hope we have been helpful in making a decision