Car key replacements can be very expensive, especially if you go to car manufacturers who charge upwards of $300 for a duplicate car key. The cost of replacement keys is also determined by the type of key like Transponders, Smart Keys, Switchblades And Laser Cut Keys. Locksmiths can be easily found all across Australia, especially Car key locksmiths in Southern Highlands and other regions of New South Wales. Most often these locksmiths operate as a part of a larger firm/company or individually with the help of apprentices. Car key locksmiths are organized under the locksmiths guild of Australia, which is the umbrella body for all kinds of locksmiths in the country, and periodically convenes for upskilling through seminars and training programs. They also certify locksmith professionals which are required to undergo a Certificate III training course in engineering along with necessary apprenticeship experience. In this article today, we will tell you about the top tips on how to save some bucks on car key replacements:

  • 3rd party locksmiths:
    As we have already told you before, car key replacements from manufacturers, can cost a bomb and is the number one reason why people hire the services of 3rd party locksmiths to come up with cost-effective, and quality replacements. You can easily find car key locksmiths in Campbelltown, and other cities of the country, by looking them up online. You can also ask your neighbors, colleagues, and friends for local locksmith recommendations, as they are bound to give you a standard experience.
  • Spare master key:
    Losing car keys will not only cost you money but can also leave you stranded. Always get a spare master key made and keep them with your trusted colleague’s or friend’s house so that you always have access to them in cases of emergency. You can get a set made in advance from a certified locksmith or place the duplicate key you got from the manufacturer with a trusted one.
  • Off site services:
    If you call and ask locksmithing professionals for on-site service, i.e. at your home or wherever your car is stranded, it will cost you much more as opposed to taking a bus to the office or shop of the professional and getting a duplicate set of car keys made. Always consider this option, and only call the locksmith to your place, if there is no other option, as it is bound to cost you more.
  • Insurance:
    Based on the insurance policy you have, if you suspect theft of your car keys, as opposed to losing them, you can claim insurance for the cost of replacement keys. Call your insurance company to know about your policy, and if they provide cover for this situation.