One of the most frustrating situations is when you lost or misplace your car key, by which it is impossible to get inside and ride it. And it’s extremely annoying when you use your car very often, especially when you are in a hurry, let it be for the office or your kid’s parent-teacher meet. It becomes annoying and you are desperately waiting for a solution, well not anymore, this article would suggest you what to do exactly if you have Lost Car Keys.

To begin with, what is the most important thing in the car? Engine, tires, but imagine a brand-new car with all finishes without a key, that you might have lost or has been stolen, worst case scenario. With all the advances in a car, it would be a waste if you can’t get inside or start it. This raise to a question can I get a spare car key without the original one to duplicate with?

YES!! You can. Just read this article and you will find the solution.

How will you get a car key without the original one

Well, don’t get disturbed. You can, in any case, get your vehicle running again on the grounds that you can really make new keys without having the original. Yes, you read that right. There are numerous approaches to make another or spare vehicle key for the time if you have Lost car keys. In the case that you are interested and need to discover how to get another key for your vehicle without the first, at that point better read this point

1. Identify the type of car key
It is essential to figure out the features of your car key before contacting locksmith or dealership. This is the primary step which you have to take in order to accelerate the entire procedure. Every car key is connected to its vehicle to work that means every vehicle has its own type of key to operate, all these keys are distinct from each other.

You need not bother about having the original set of keys of your vehicle to find out the type of car key you have. The only thing you need to be aware of is, whether it is a transponder key, traditional key or a car key fob.

2. Call a locksmith or Dealer
Well, the answer to your trouble lies to automotive locksmiths. Once you are done with the figuring out the right key that is paired with your car you need to call a locksmith or dealership for the quick service or replacement of keys, the most trustworthy is the locksmith, in spite of getting a new car key from the dealership which would not only be costly but also a hell lot of hectic and time consuming. It is the fastest as well as it saves a lot of your money.

A Locksmith can handle these situations quite smoothly as well as economical than the conventional key dealership solution. In the bonus, a locksmith can conveniently meet you in personnel at your location and could assist you in no time. You have to ensure which is the best-suited key for your vehicle.

3. You need to wait for your spare keys to own it
After you complete all your steps that are from identifying your vehicle key features to contact the locksmith or a dealership, now the final step is you have to wait patiently to grab your spare keys and to run your vehicle on the road like you used to do. This may take a bit long.

The locksmith uses the Vehicle Identification Number to pair up with a vehicle database to gain the same access as the lost key.

In most of the modern vehicle a transponder key is also used, so make sure to ask the locksmith to pair up that key as well to the vehicle.

4. Collect all the required information for your car
Once you are done by contacting the locksmith, be sure you have all the essential features of your car which you will require to make a new key. This needs to be done as the locksmith needs to know everything about your car before making a replacement key for it. Besides, your Vehicle Identification Number is essential as it is generally simple to spot. This is a very easy procedure where it is hardly necessary to have the right tools at the right location.

Moreover, you must have your Vehicle Identification Number to guarantee that you are outfitted with your Vehicle Identification Number and verification of ownership. The VIN can without much of a stretch be found by analyzing your dashboard or your engine bay. The VIN makes it trouble free in finding which key belongs to your four-wheeler. In any case, on the off chance that you are experiencing considerable difficulties finding the numbers, enable the experts to deal with it.

In conclusion, likewise every black cloud has a silver lining, similarly you have the solution for the problem of lost keys. Misplaced vehicle keys are seriously hectic, no more worries. We have guided to the best path, make it smooth easy and efficient. Although, getting key from the conventional method, i.e. from a car dealer is the first thing in our head, but if an economical and less time-consuming option is much prior to you than a locksmith is a better alternative, especially for modern vehicles.