Everyone has days where nothing is going right. You have to rush to go somewhere and your car keys are just not working. While we recommend that you call a nearby Automotive Locksmith if you find yourself in a situation like this. Getting to know why your car key is not working in the first place is very important. The reasons behind may be many, but with so many different types of cars and car keys, the problem could be anything! But rather than spending precious time and effort trying to find the exact reason, we’ve saved you the trouble by talking about everything in one place.

The following are the 5 reasons why your car keys may not be working:

1. Damaged Lock

If your car keys have stopped working then one of the major reasons for it might be damage to the internal mechanism of your locks. If you drive a car with key fobs then the chances of such damage are not there, however, if you are driving a car with an old model, the chances of this form of damage increase significantly. This is because the old model cars still require you to insert the keys inside it. With repeated usage, both the key and the lock starts to wear off and hence stop functioning properly. As is evident, this form of problem does not arise immediately but occurs gradually. It is best to contact an automotive locksmith as soon as you start to receive warning signs of lock failure.

2. Damaged Keys

Damaged keys are another major cause of improper car key functioning. When most people think of broken keys, they get an image of a key broken into two or multiple pieces. However, this image is completely untrue. Usually, a broken key means wearing off of the grooves that are present on the keys. Once these grooves lose their shape, the lock will stop functioning properly. This is because the grooves of the key are associated with the internal mechanism of the lock. Therefore, as soon as you start noticing the signs of wear on the key, contact an automotive locksmith in Macarthur and ask them to prepare a spare key for you.

3. Faulty Ignition Cylinder

The car keys are meant to work along with the ignition of your car. Since they are not meant to work alone, any problem with the parts that are associated with the keys will make your keys not function properly. Ignition cylinder is a major component that is associated with your car keys and hence any problem to it will cause a problem for your car keys. If you take the car to an automotive locksmith in Macarthur, he/she may be able to resolve your problem with ease.

4. Worn out key fob batteries

This is a common problem and the one where you do not need the help of an automotive locksmith. The batteries of the key fob tend to wear off after some period of time and hence finding out the source of the problem is relatively easy. If you start to notice that your car is not properly receiving the signals from your key fob, you should replace the batteries immediately.

5. Internal Damage to the key fob

Just like keys, the condition of the key fobs can also start to deteriorate after some period of time. Sometimes, the internal circuitry of the key fob may get damaged due to the wear and tear of daily usage. To resolve this issue, your only option is to go to a local locksmith or the official car dealer.