If you’re living in the Southern Highlands or Macarthur region, you know how difficult it is to find an expert locksmith service. Although places like Camden are well outside the zone of calling for locksmith service providers from the city. This is most evident if you’re looking for experts like automotive locksmiths. Southern Highlands and Macarthur have one authentic automobile locksmith servicing the entire area i.e.  KeyBay.

It is an automobile locksmith company with authorizations from all major vehicle manufacturers and national insurers. Their expert locksmiths and mobile workshop are the only reliable saviors if you’re locked out of your vehicle on the Hume Motorway.

1. Why You Need Specialized Automotive Locksmiths

Macarthur is a growing residential suburb of Sydney, especially in places like The Oaks, Greendale, and Silverdale. The Southern Highlands is one of Australia’s favorite summer holiday destinations and receives thousands of tourists from across the country each season. However, considering the general traffic in the region, emergency services are comparatively few.

An automotive locksmith should be a specialist since car locks are very different from other systems on door locks or cabinets. Car keys are usually made of a softer metal, but that is only a part of the complication.

These days, most cars have transponder keys, and the digital system cannot be manually crafted like the key shaft. Also, your locksmith must have the necessary equipment and authentication licenses from the vehicle manufacturer to clone the digital transponder. While some professional locksmiths in Sydney also provide automotive services; local locksmiths in the suburbs are rarely equipped or trained to copy vehicle keys. Hence, you must seek a specialist automotive locksmith when locked out of your vehicle.

2. Knowing When You Need an Expert Automotive Locksmith

Southern Highlands is a pretty remote region, and if you’re holidaying near the Blue Mountain or Nattai National Park, you should carry a spare set of car keys. Broken keys are a common problem, especially with rental cars which may have worn down keys. Broken FOBs or transponders damaged by water. Although help will reach you faster in the Macarthur region, KeyBay’s mobile team may be a few hours away after getting the call considering the vast service zone.

3. Here are some of the common situations where you would need to call  experts like KeyBay:

Most people forget how old their car keys have become over time. Frequently, the broken end of the key shaft is stuck in the hole, and the only solution is a trained automotive locksmith. Macarthur has several secluded villas and country homes, and the car may be your only way out. Although car keys don’t rust, they do get twisted, and may eventually break if you apply too much pressure. Hence, it’s smart to have a spare set at hand in your home or office.

KeyBay attends to emergency ignition problems. Sometimes the electronic car lock may malfunction and cause an ignition problem. Since transponder keys are digitally integrated into the entire ignition system, licensed automobile locksmiths generally also provide emergency ignition repairs. They can repair an immobilizer system or malfunctioning ECU to get you to move again.