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    Can't find it here? Don't worry. Give us a call on 1300KEYBAY or email us and we'll find it for you.

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Can't find it here? Don't worry.
Give us a call on 1300KEYBAY or email us and we'll find it for you.

New Emergency and Remote Car Keys from Mittagong to Southern Highlands

There are a few reasons you’re interested in our services. The factory-supplied product has stopped working due to damage, you’ve lost it, or you’d like backup emergency car keys that you can be confident will work when needed most. Whatever the reason, we’re here to provide the highest quality new keys, providing our quality service throughout Camden Valley, from Mittagong all the way to Southern Highlands and the surrounding areas.


The Keys We Offer

We give you access to top quality, Italian manufactured and tested car keys. Cut and programmed to your vehicle onsite, in under 30 minutes. We also specialise in remote controls and the latest technology in flip keys.


Did You Know?

Most new car keys have a battery that makes them susceptible to water damage. Our Italian made key can unlock and start your vehicle, and is completely waterproof. Surfing, fishing, skiing, diving; never leave your car key on the sand again!


Less Expensive

Keybay offers quality aftermarket keys and remotes for a large amount of vehicles as well as genuine brand products. Our focus is providing you with a simple way to search and purchase the most affordable option. For genuine product enquiries, please phone 1300KEYBAY.

Book a Local Automotive Locksmith - Phone 1300KEYBAY

Keybay has a network of qualified automotive locksmiths, waiting to service your request. Please phone 1300KEYBAY to lodge your emergency request – we’ll let you know when a locksmith is next available, and will provide a quote based on the type of vehicle and the type of emergency.

Learn more

Currently, our online database does not contain any genuine brands. However if you do require a genuine brand product, one of our friendly staff can help you over the phone. We will look up our extensive product catalogue to give you a quote and confirm an onsite booking. Please phone 1300KEYBAY or email contact@keybay.com.au and tell us what product you require. We endeavour to answer all email enquiries within 24 hours.

  • Keybay saved me hundreds of dollars on my spare car key!

    David Waudby, Camden NSW

  • An automotive locksmith visited my work.
    I had a working car key in 20 minutes.

    Alicia Davies, Narellan Vale NSW

  • My new waterproof car key straps to my body in the surf. I hated leaving keys on the sand.

    Steve Pascoe, Woronora Heights NSW

  • When I go skiing or fishing I only take the spare car key so I don't lose the original.

    Aaron Oswald, Mt Annan NSW

Keybay headquarters is based in Macarthur NSW, Australia. We currently service Macarthur, Southern Highlands and nearby areas.