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Spare Car Keys

We also do spare keys for bikes, trucks and other vehicles.

KeyBay does spare keys for over 90% of Australian vehicles.

Spare keys can save you time, money and stress!

A quality spare car key starts from $155, cut, programmed and tested onsite at your location. But having a spare key is really priceless because when you’ve lost your main car key or you’re locked out of the car, the spare key can save you valuable time and money.

spare keys

Gaining entry to your car without a car key takes special equipment, knowledge and skill by a qualified automotive locksmith. The best thing to do is make sure you have a spare car key.

We stock a large range of keys on hand including flip keys, transponder keys, microchip keys, quality genuine and aftermarket car keys. We also have some fun coloured flip keys to match your coloured number plates or car colour.

Remember to ask about our waterproof car key. This spare key option is affordable and convenient for people who go swimming, surfing, camping or fishing. Rather than leave your car key hidden behind the wheel hub while you do your favourite water activity you can take your key in the water, using a secure pocket or pouch on your body without damaging the microchip.

For all spare car key solutions, call KeyBay! We also do spare keys for motorcycles, trucks and other vehicles. Please complete the Online Quote form with your details so we can provide a quote and start a booking.

Vehicle Security

Please be aware that we may request certain vehicle details as a matter of security for proof of ownership. Vehicle registration, insurance and VIN (Vehicle Identification Number) may be requested.

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